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Parents, stop doing these to your kids

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What are the dos and don’ts of parenting? As parents, we all want to do the best job to raise our children. We frequently engage in behaviors that we should avoid, despite our best intentions. I want to highlight ten things that every parent should stay away from today.

Put a stop to your ranting at your kids in public.

Every father has times of rage that he wishes to turn back the clock on. On the other hand, publicly criticizing your children is a two-edged sword that combines personal attack with public disgrace.

Put an end to your empty threats and warnings.

What should parents never say to their children? First, we must refrain from stating things that we do not mean to say or will not carry out. We should cease using terms like: You’re in tremendous danger if you don’t do what you’re told! Disobedience is taught by repetition of our orders or the use of warnings to compel them to listen. Children must learn to respect their parents’ authority from an early age. Remind them to be obedient several times, then hold them accountable the first time they listen and obey.

Put a halt to their non-age-appropriate things and activities.

Children today encounter several challenges. The media constantly pressure them to mature too rapidly. The rest of the world is taking away their innocence. Make sure you don’t put them in circumstances that they aren’t prepared for, even if they ask you to. Having an iPhone, going to parties, or going on dates does not indicate that your child should do the same.

Put an end to the practice of repeating instructions.

Our youngsters can obey the FIRST time if they can obey after three or four times being said something! Why isn’t it mandatory? With our consent, our children develop the habit of delaying following until the third time they are told. We have unwittingly trained them in this manner by not asking them to obey the first time. We must quit acting like parents who rationalize their children’s actions.

Put an end to your overprotection of children.

When do you say you’ve had enough of being a parent? As our children become older, we need to improve their independence and cease doing everything for them gradually. They will fail, but this is how they will learn. They will never know if we never take a step back and let them try new things. We must also stop shielding children from the ramifications of their terrible behavior. If kids steal a pack of gum from the store, insist on returning it, apologizing, and returning it. Our children must understand that they must take responsibility for their actions.

What Parents Should Do

Look for warning signs that your child is being bullied.

Bullying affects children in various ways, and they may not consistently articulate their thoughts about it. All indicators are ripened clothing, aversion to going to school, a loss of appetite, nightmares, sobbing, or general despair and anxiety. Do not tell your child to “let it go” or “suck it up” if you discover that they are being bullied. Instead, engage in open-ended discussions to determine what is genuinely going on at school and take proper measures to correct the situation. Finally, let your kids know that you will help them and that they should not fight back.

Teach your youngster how to handle bullying situations.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to assist your child in dealing with bullying without allowing them to succumb to it until administrative action can be taken. Play out scenarios at home where your child learns to ignore a bully and develops powerful coping techniques to deal with bullying. Assist your child in identifying teachers and peers who might help them if they are being bullied.

Make use of technology to set boundaries.

Teach yourself and your children about cyberbullying and the importance of not responding to or forwarding dangerous emails. “Friend” your child on Facebook or Myspace, then set up suitable filters on your child’s computer. Make the family computer the only computer available to kids and keep it in a conspicuous and accessible location in the house. If you give your child a phone, be cautious about letting them use the camera. Notify them that their SMS messages will be listened to. To prevent bullying and inappropriate messages during the night, as a parent, you can mandate that phones be stored in a public place, such as the kitchen, by a specific time. If they do not respond to their initial inquiry, parents should report bullying to the school and follow up with a letter copied to the school superintendent.

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