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Choose: Candy Crush, Facebook or DepEd Commons?

Sally Lobien, a busy mother shares how DepEd Commons has disrupted the online habits of her son from playing games to studying using his mobile phone. Yes, you read it right!

Mrs. Lobien wrote in an online group DepEd Commons ‘Thanks Deped commons! Very helpful po dahil alternative siya ng games nila dati sa cp. Now w/ deped commons, they still enjoy while learning!!! (Thanks to DepEd Commons! It’s a good alternative for online games. With DepEd Commons, they (her kids) enjoy while learning.)

An online platform, DepEd Commons was launched to deliver basic education to children amidst the enhanced community quarantine put in place due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Sally Lobien’s son showing off his DepEd Commons lesson.

This platform is intended for public school teachers to support distance learning modalities. It is free. It is also open for access to all learners, regardless if a student is enrolled in a public or private school. In fact, it is open to everyone. You only need an internet connected device and the time to study.

A teacher at Negros Occidental High School, Dyan Banjao also wrote ‘instead of playing mobile games…dto siya nakatutok…kahit ibang grade level tinatry ng anak ko.. thank you deped common’. (Instead of playing mobile games, my daughter is tuned into lessons that from different grade levels. Thanks to DepEd Commons)

It seems Nintendo has found its match in the Philippines. Have you tried DepEd Commons?

Share your experience and you like DepEd Commons, share this article to keep spreading a virus that’s called education.

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DepEd Commons Facebook
DepEd Commons Facebook

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