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No classes? No problem: DepEd steps up to online education amidst Covid-19

‘Learning never stops.’ writes Kate Rafols, a netizen from Cebu city referring to her child enjoying the benefits of DepEd Commons, DepEd’s newly launched online platform delivering basic education to children during the enhanced community quarantine put in place due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Rafols adds to her post ‘Thank you so much DepEd for always finding ways in the betterment of the learners. Your hard-work is much appreciated.’

DepEd Commons is an online platform for public school teachers to support distance learning modalities. It is free. It is also open for access to all learners, regardless if a student is enrolled in a public or private school. In fact, it is open to everyone. You only need an internet connected device and the time to study.

Alain Del Pascua, DepEd undersecretary for administration has been quoted in the newspaper Manila Bulletin that as of March 29, DepEd Commons has 2,345,183 unique users. “The daily average of 156,346 new unique users are enrolling and the highest sign-up was last Friday with 394,867,” he added.

Pascua admits that DepEd Commons may have been rushed to an earlier launching date due to the need of times. Some necessary contents and functions in the platform are yet to be completed.

“Content is not yet that much, evaluation and ranking have not yet been included, separate channels for teachers, parents, students, and officials have not yet been established, but the times call for its introduction and the circumstances have forced us to make it live,” he explained.

A young Filipino learner accessing DepEd Commons with her mobile device.

Rest assured, this project may not be the perfect substitute for a classroom based learning experience yet it may provide essential benefits such as encouraging learners to be productive amidst the quarantine.

It is also true that if in case community quarantine will inevitably be prolonged to delay class openings, DepEd may already have this as a tool to keep the Filipino learner continually be on the same page as their counterparts in all other parts of the world.

Want to check DepEd Commons? Join the community of learners, teachers and parents in Facebook.

DepEd Commons Facebook
DepEd Commons Facebook

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