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Opportunities that teachers have been missing in today’s time

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Being an educator demands continuous and consistent professional growth.

Speaking of professional growth, the standards of today lies on the global achievements and developments that require every country to attain progress. To be able to cope up with the fast-phase of education, skills, and knowledge through trainings and seminar-workshops are completely necessary.


One of the best ways to upgrade your professional status is to get verified certificates from
webinars, digital trainings, and online courses. And get this, exclusive international universities and
institutions are now offering online courses, examinations, and trainings for free. Imagine the
benefit of online opportunities you have at hand. You simply need your gadgets, have it laptop or
even smartphones and tablets, you can easily access an online course you could even
accomplish in a few weeks.

Here are some of the free online certifications you should check out:

Free Online courses at Harvard University

With various subject areas and courses, indicated time limits and outlines, you will be guided on what best course to choose. Verified certificates require payment, but you could still access the course, its resources such as lectures, discussions, and videos for free.

Certification from Google Education

Be recognized as a Google educator by passing certifications and training. The examination requires payment, but the certification is verified and recognized worldwide. The examination goes by level. For Google Certified Educator Level 1, proficiency in using Google tools are distinguished. For Google Certified Educator Level 2, expertise in Google tools is recognized. Higher levels are certified trainers,
innovators, and G Suite Certification.
Here’s a tip, before taking the exam, do make sure that you watched their tutorials and reviewed their sample questions. The exams are quite tricky, challenging, and does have time pressure but it is worth taking.

5 free United Nations online courses anywhere, anytime

Driven by universities from the United Nations and even organizations like UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), some of the featured courses are about Social Change, Social Norms, The United Nations in the World, International Organizations Management, The Changing Global Order, The UN Sustainable Development Goals which mainly talks about the economy, communication, and global development. Some of the courses were theoretical and some were hands-on.

Earn badges to be recognized as a certified Apple Teacher

Apple Teacher Learning Center supports remote learning through lesson designs, educational activities, and online courses for teachers. You might want to try these cool tutorials and trainings.

Widen your knowledge and explore your capabilities as an educator. Learning is an endless battlefield. Educators always strive for progress, integration, and development. Who could say that investing for professional growth would cost luxuriously, when you could have an international certificate in just a click? Broaden our literacy, be a world-class Filipino teacher! Be an achiever! Good luck.


A special thanks to Ms. Sheilla D.S.Habab, MA from St. Paul University Manila for imparting her knowledge about the international online certifications and trainings. Ms. Habab is a media practitioner before she entered the academe and now, she is enjoying her time as an educator opening doors for professional growth. She is a Microsoft Excel Specialist, a drone-pilot, a certified Apple Teacher and now pursuing several free online programs from Harvard and the United Nations Changing World Programme – an inspiration to educators who perseveres quality education for our students.

Ms. Sheilla D.S.Habab, MA

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